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Pioneers of the times 

This photo shows Puyallup Pioneer Ezra Meeker, who famously retraced the Oregon Trail with his oxen all the way to Washington DC. meeting Wild Bill Cody in Tenino.



-Reuben Crowder.  Crowder Road is named for Rueben's homestead.  He also donated a corner of his land to start Forest Grove Cemetery in about 1870.


-Ignatius Colvin.  Descendants of this homesteader still work Colvin Ranch today.

The Ford family were early setters of Centralia's Ford's Prairie.  Their daughter Elizabeth Ford Ticknor settled with her husband Joel (center front couple) out the Skookumchuck Valley.  SidneyFordfamily

-Rebecca Prince Tyrell.  As a widow, Rebecca drove her own wagon across the Oregon Trail along with her children. 

-Aaron Webster (first homesteader in Bucoda) holding Anna Cora and Sarah Yantis Webster holding Sarah May.  Mrs. Webster did not live long after this photo.


-John Hayton (Front left) with his family.  John famously spread the word (Paul Revere style) to setters that there was unrest during the Puget Sound Indian Wars in 1855-1856.  Consequently many area families retreated to Fort Henness in Grand Mound. 

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